As it turns out, women are one of the most powerful investments we can make in building a better future, “Katori™” stands for “seed-to-katori” a platform that promotes women self help group’s, farmers, and artisans through providing a platform to hone new skills and linking them with the markets.

It is a part of Sakhi initiative funded by Hindustan Zinc Ltd. and implemented by Manjari Foundation. Sakhi traversed a significant distance along the path of building a self-reliant social enterprise. Under Sakhi more than 27000 women have mobilized in over 195 villages of Rajasthan and Uttarakhand.

A key function under this initiative is to promote the brand “Katori™” as a premium “hand crafted”, “hand curated” & “gourmet” brand promoting, preserving & celebrating traditional practices and promoting sustainable farming, upscaling smallholdings, and improving rural livelihoods in Rajasthan & Uttarakhand.

These efforts have intensified in the last few years and that is how “Katori™” came in the existence. “Katori™” has transformed the grassroot agri based activities into a full fledged social enterprise. Sourcing, producing, and supplying the finest quality products in the dairy, spices, pickle, honey, pulses and oils value chains, while empowering small-scale producers, particularly rural women farmers.

A one stop agriculture aggregation  platform aiding women smallholder farmers economically and socially.

We are proud and honored to support this cohort of social enterprises creating models of success, sustainable food systems solutions, and pathways out of poverty for the women farmers countless communities rely on.

Every purchase matter! Your one purchase strengthens the women institutions and creates a multiplier effect and the momentum that continues to push for positive change and create a sustainable environment where women farmers and artisans can continue to flourish.

Welcome abode in this journey of empowering women to lead change!


Drivers of change 

Manjari Foundation is a nonprofit organization working in India since 2015 is focused on Women Institutions. Women Institutions are the significant drivers for poverty alleviation as well as to increase the well-being of the rural women.

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