Bilona ghee versus commercial ghee

October 2021

Bilona ghee versus commercial ghee

The wiser choice Ghee has been an integral part of Indian cuisine for centuries and continues to be widely used even today. Traditionally, every home used to make their own ghee using the Bilona (wooden churner), a practice that is more than 3000 years old. However, with the onset of...

May 2022

Rural women run their own gourmet food enterprise.

The story of how a small grassroots women’s movement in Rajasthan has blossomed into a vibrant and innovative business that is empowering hundreds of small farmer-entrepreneurs and rural women.  Here’s a business model that demonstrates that rural women-centric enterprises can work. The journey began with Sakhi, a CSR initiative of...

The art of pickle-making

Journeying through one of mankind’s oldest traditions Whether it’s a paratha or a piping hot khichdi, no Indian meal is complete without a generous dollop of a pickle. For many of us, pickles are much more than just an accompaniment. It’s a journey down memory lane, of the love and...

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