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Our range of artisanal spice powders are carefully curated from chemical-free farms across India. Our spice powders are handcrafted by expert rural women, who combine best-in-class techniques with traditional recipes, to guarantee you pure, nutrient-rich spice powders with the most authentic flavours.

Spices play a vital role in any kitchen. Apart from flavour, they are also loaded with medicinal properties that add to the nutritional value of food and aid in digestion. Spices can be  used in home remedies to treat a variety of common household ailments. Mass-produced spices often have additives to enhance colour and shelf-life, and these can drastically reduce their health benefits. Hence it is important that you buy your spices from a reliable source to ensure their purity.

We have both whole spices and freshly ground spice powders in our range.

  • Whole spices – Coriander, Cumin, Black Pepper, Fenugreek and Fennel
  • Spice powders – Amchoor, Turmeric, Red Chilli, Coriander, Cumin and Garam Masala

Our spice unit in Chittorgarh’s Moonga Ka Khera Village is fully women-owned and managed. Rural women look after everything from sourcing spices from our farmer network to processing and packing them. Our spices are processed in small batches with utmost care to maximise their freshness and flavour. We harness the energy of the sun when required, and shade dry other spices, depending on their requirement. Here’s the process followed by our women artisans:

  • Sorting and grading – is done by hand and only the finest quality of seeds are selected to ensure the best aroma and taste.
  • Slow Roasted – Spices are roasted slightly on medium heat to activate their essential oils and enhance flavour.
  • Temperature controlled grinding – Conventional grinding processes destroy natural volatile oils, depleting spices of their essential nutrients. Our spices are ground in a multi-stage, temperature-controlled environment, to ensure that they retain their nutrients and unique flavours.
  • Sieved – All our spice powders are carefully sieved and sorted to ensure a smooth and uniform texture

No. Our spices are 100% natural. We do not add any artificial chemicals or preservatives to our spices. We harness

Mass-produced spices are sourced in bulk from several regions and processed together in large factories. It is not uncommon for these spices to have additives to enhance colour and shelf-life or even add volume, thus drastically reducing their health benefits. It is very difficult to trace back the origins of such spices.

Katori’s artisanal spices are sourced from chemical-free, native, single-origin crops from our very own network of farmers, without engaging middlemen. Our artisans carefully process spices in small batches, to maximum flavour and freshness. Hence, every package can be traced right back to the farms from which they were sourced.

Commercial spices come from multiple sources. SInce they are produced and processed in large batches, it is common for produce from different regions to be mixed together, making it very difficult to trace the source of the end product. Katori dals are from single origin crops meaning that they are procured from our very own network of farmers and processed in small batches, hence each package can be traced back to the grower.

Our spices are sourced directly from our network of 2500+ small and marginal women farmers without engaging middlemen, thus giving them higher returns.

Our grassroots programmes are providing know-how, tools and inputs, and encouraging farmers to adopt sustainable and organic growing practices, so that they can bring to you produce of the finest quality.

Our pulses are packed in airtight food-grade resealable zip lock pouches. You can store them in the same packaging or transfer them into an air-tight container, and keep in a cool dry place.

12 months from date of manufacturing

Yes, you can. For more information, you can email us at  (info@katorifresh.co.in)

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