Katori Coco D'lite Cookies


Your coffee or tea in the morning is the perfect combination with Katori's millet cookies. You won't ever regret indulging in a nutritious treat with you and your family.

Product Description

Numerous in Millet Advantages:

  • A small amount of millet, which is high in fiber and other nutrients, gives a nutritious boost, prolongs energy, and enhances well being.
  • Millet is a great option for those who are concerned about their well-being because of its healthiness.

Delicious Taste of Chocolate:

  • Savor the delicious flavor of genuine chocolate.
  • A harmonious blend of chocolate flavors makes for a pleasurable snacking experience.

Elimination of Artificial Additives:

  • Pure and natural snack alternative.
  • Free of artificial colors, tastes, and preservatives.

Captivating to Children:

  • Its wonderful chocolaty taste makes it suitable for youngsters.
  • It promotes good snacking habits.

Paired With:

  • A small amount of clarified butter, butter, milk, wheat flour, baking powder, vanilla powder, vanilla essence, cardamon powder, sugar, coconut powder, and glucose powder.

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